Closed Circuit Television

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a self-contained video surveillance system comprised of cameras, recorders and displays which gives you the opportunity to monitor activity for security and safety purposes. CCTV has increased in popularity over the past decade and, along with changes to the way CCTV systems work, there are numerous styles, makes and models of cameras available on the market to select from. With the ever-increasing number of options available, you are wise to seek guidance when purchasing a new system or upgrading an old one.

It is important to recognise that every system should be individual to the place where it is installed due to a number of factors. There are many camera types, each of which are designed for certain applications and or environments, and numerous camera specifications which if looked over or ignored will result in poor surveillance. On top of that, the placement of cameras, any existing hardware and opportunities for integration with access control should be taken into account in order to optimise the coverage of your CCTV system.

At Rock and Wire Security, our consultants combine their extensive knowledge of the different systems and camera types with your needs to create an optimal, tailor-made, modern, reliable system for your home or business.

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